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This page describes our terms of sale for hops plants available to hops farmers and growers in New York, the Northeastern United States, and the eastern provinces of Canada such as Ontario and Quebec.

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How To Purchase For Spring 2018

We are currently accepting orders for Spring 2018.  In order to ensure that we can accommodate your order, we require a minimum of 120 days' notice prior to the requested availability date, which means that orders for Spring 2018 planting season should generally be submitted by the end of January.  Moreover, we do have a maximum production capability, and stop accepting new orders once we've reached that cap.  Thus, we encourage anyone interested in our plants to reach out early.

Our hops are rooted plants hardened and ready for field planting.  Each plant represents a 4"-10" plant above a root ball.  They are grown in 3.5" pots, and delivered 18/plants per 11" x 21.25" trays.  Bulk pricing discounts are available (please contact us for current rates).  Bulk pricing is obtained based on total number of plants on a single-variety or multiple-variety basis.  Please contact us via the form below for pricing and further information.   

Terms and Conditions:

  • Orders require a 25% deposit and must be placed 120 days prior to requested availability.  
  • Orders are not accepted until confirmed in writing by Pioneer Plant-Tech.  
  • Shipping/Delivery:  Price quotes are FOB at our facilities in Deerfield, NY and pickup is recommended.  Shipping can be arranged at customer's request. Customer bears shipping cost and risk of loss.  
  • We can provide phytosanitary certificates required for importation to Ontario, Quebec, and other Canadian provinces.   
  • Full terms and conditions will be provided in the Contract of Sale, and any terms and conditions set forth therein shall govern.  

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