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Pioneer Plant-Tech - Clean Hops Plants

This is the home page for Pioneer Plant Tech, Inc., a producer of clean, disease-free hops plants for sale to hops growers and hops farmers throughout New York and the Northeast.  We also work with many customers in Ontario, Quebec and other Canadian provinces.  We employ the laboratory process of tissue culture, or micropropagation, to produce and sell hops plants free of harmful viruses and other pathogens.



Start Your Yard With Clean Hops

 Lab-Grown in Central New York From Independently Tested Stock Plants

Pioneer Plant-Tech is committed to the production and sale of clean hops plants to support the needs of hops farmers and commercial growers throughout New York State, the Northeast, and Eastern Canada.  We rely on the process of micro-propagation or 'tissue culture' to grow uniform batches of second-generation offspring from stock plants obtained through the National Clean Plant Network and independently tested on a regular basis for freedom from viruses and viroids that can impact harvest volumes and even destroy hops.  Our laboratory and greenhouse facilities employ state of the art air filtration and insect exclusion equipment, strict personnel protocols, and a regular schedule of testing via third-party laboratories to ensure that neither stock plants nor offspring risk contamination.  The purpose?  To provide farmers with a clean start and position them for long term success with healthy and productive hop yards.  

We are also a New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets Research Partner within the Industrial Hemp Agricultural Research Program, and are currently conducting research on the application of tissue culture technology to commercial-scale production of hemp. Cannabis sativa and humulus lupus (common hops) are closely related members of the Cannabinaceae family, and we are excited by the opportunity to apply our existing knowledge of hops micropropagation to use with regard to hemp.

The Importance Of Starting Clean

Hops are susceptible to a variety of viral, fungal, and other conditions that can impact not only harvest yield but even cause significant plant loss.  Given the time and capital required to create a hop-yard, the importance of starting your hop yard with clean, virus-free planting stock cannot be overstated.   

How To Order

Field ready plants for farmers and rooted plugs for experienced commercial greenhouse growers are available for sale.  Pricing is based on order size, with discounts available for large orders.  We encourage pick-up at our facilities, but shipping can be arranged.

Why Our Hops Are Different

Our reliance on 'tissue culture' cultivation in a sterile laboratory setting offers the only true option for quickly producing large quantities of pathogen-free plants.  Traditional methods of propagating hops plants (like rhizomes) can easily spread disease, and even well-run commercial greenhouses lack the ability to provide the special attention that this species needs to remain healthy.

NYS Industrial Hemp Research Partner

We have received a New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets permit to participate as a Research Partner in the Industrial Hemp Agricultural Research Pilot Program, for purposes of researching and developing tissue culture protocol for hemp-grade cannabis sativa. Please contact us if you’d like to know more.

Available Hops Varieties

We have close to twenty hops varieties available for sale, including many of the most commercially desirable.  We are also always willing to investigate the possibility of obtaining other varieties from the National Clean Plant Network to assist customers with specific needs, so don't hesitate to ask.  

About Us

We are a family owned business located in the Adirondack foothills of Central New York, just north of Utica.  Our principals and staff have long experience in various aspects of horticulture and other useful fields including commercial greenhouses and nurseries, irrigation, landscaping and engineering.